It's pronounced "aeiowu"

October 25th, 2010

Here's the source code to Hundreds.

Don't laugh.

So Hundreds was the first game that I programmed and because of that I was pretty skittish about showing anyone my horrible code, because... How would anyone get anything from it? Programmers usually pat me on the head and tell me:

Oh that's cute! You put it all in one file.

Yea real cute. Anyway, I guess my hope is that amateur coders or designers/artists will use it as some sort of stepping stone on the way to demystifying how this whole learning process works. The physics in Hundreds are apparently incredibly simple [as far as physics are concerned] but for me they were a huge challenge to understand. Even now looking at them, I don't understand what's going on anymore.

Sometimes it's tough out here in the wild west but I'll continue to share as much as I can in hopes that it will help others on their journey through the untamed lands of programming. So, here's the ugly ass source from Baby Greg's First Game!

If you put this into a Flash compiler you might be able to run it, but there are a few assets [menu items, intros and etc.] that it'll probably want.

Also, I will say that I'm most proud of the way I figured out how to do the stopwatch [levelTime()]. It was a problem I wasn't really looking forward to, but when I started trying to find a solution I found it more interesting that I thought I would of. It was really rewarding when I finally thought through it completely and solved it once and for all. :)

Here's a link to a plain text file containing all the code: HundredsSourceCode.txt. It's a little under 1000 lines.